Now is not the time for bedding!

This week I have heard people talking about bedding.

Just because bedding plants are in nurseries does not mean that you should be thinking of

this type of gardening.

The weather is more like Winter.

So what can you do.

I have bought some super  Spring plants to add interest to my back garden.

I have a metal tub that can be used to make an arrangement.

When these have finished I can think of Summer plants.

Vintage containers are just great for interest.

Metal pots make a good container for bulbs or small plants.

Try to think of new ways to add colour and surprise in the garden.

This will help your motivation.

So– hold back with the bedding and concentrate on the glories of Spring.

Second chance :Art

My drawing classes on my degree were distracted when I broke my arm .

I am going to call my new art classes “Second chance”.

These are located in an artist’s studio.

Design is quite a  regulated process.

I know it will do me good to engage in the basic drawing process again.

Shading was the first subject.

Light and dark were explored, together with form and texture.

It is a good idea to look again at familiar activities.

We may then find new ways of doing them.

This could be gardening or art work.

Creative work is dynamic.

We need ‘input” from others to keep our ideas fresh.

I am sure my classes will fill me with motivation and reward.

Having a week off.

I have had a rest this week.

A change of scenery is a welcome break.

 Here are some thoughts on my week. 

1)Will I be doing this at 95?

I met a super lady of 95 who went for a walk every day on her own.

She enjoyed a walk in the countryside looking at the Spring flowers.

She was full of talk of her activities.

It also gave her an appetite  for tea when she got home.

Feeding the birds was another occupation.

2)Another day I met a man who was just the opposite.

He described himself as a Garden Designer but just ran a maintenance firm.

People who do this and the odd planting plan are not Garden Designers.

People should ask for qualifications if they are in doubt.

3) The hedgerows are lovely at the moment and full of daffodils, primroses and bluebells.

Why not see this for yourself.

4) Everybody needs a break from the garden.

It is good to come home and see what has been going on while you where away.

5) One thing I for got to do was take in a tender plant.

I hope that tender care will being it back to life!




A little space for you.

This week I had a day to myself.

Meditation was part of the day.

A time to unwind and recharge the batteries.

Later I visited my favourite garden shop .

“The Worm that Turned “on Derby Road Nottingham is a must for all types of gardeners.

The books on display in various parts of the shop caught my eye this time.

Woman’s Sheds is wonderful.

How great  that somebody has written a book on this topic just for woman.

Books to colour are now seen as a good therapy. There were some dedicated to plants and flowers.

Why not try”20 Ways to draw a tree” as another idea.

In the section on Open Spaces on my website I have explained that stress is a major concern in the modern world.

We all need a space in which we can be ourselves.

Gardening and the related activities provides this space.

Why not give it  a try!