Walking on the Wildside.

Summer is a time to get away from your own garden and look at other environments.

This could be Woodlands, Bridlewalks or a Seaside.

Different Fauna and Flora will be found.

At the Seaside seaweed comes in lots of different colours.

Along Bridleways there are wild orchids. 

In Woodlands ferns are numerous.

Here are some interesting  things I found on my holidays.

Coastal gardening-— art made of seaweed and driftwood.

Nurseries devoted to maritime plants. 

(Too many new plants to carry home)!

We need to use the time we are relaxing to extend our knowledge.

Take these ideas home with you.

Transport the feeling of wellbeing back to your own garden.

Gardening on the NHS.

Matthew Wilson  created a garden for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show  that will have a new home at The Earl Mountbatten Hospice on the Isle of wight. 

Gardening has long been known to have therapeutic benefits.

Thrive is an organisation that encourages gardening for people with disabilities.

Kathleen Wolf at the College of the Environment , Washington University, found that  the experience of nature and green spaces ”   help to restore the mind from mental fatigue [and] provides calming and inspiring environments”.

Outdoor activities can “alleviate symptoms of depression and stress”.

Health professional have called for horticulture to be “prescribed”.

Others want gardening to be considered as treatment on the NHS.

Let us hope that all this leads to a drive to educate people into  the joy and benefits of getting outside and interacting with Nature.

A Heatwave at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year with a temperature of 36 degrees. C

I visited the show but had a very sad day.

The walk fro Hampton Wick to the show is one and half miles.

By the time I go there I was exhausted.

I visited 3 stands and saw 2 show gardens,.

In the refreshment tent a lady fetched me an orange juice.

The man on the next table noticed I was unwell and went to fetch help.

I ended up in the Red Cross tent with  dehydration and heat exhaustion.

The care was just wonderful.

In weather like that all that matters is to keep cool and have water.

I had to change my plans for the journey home and the RHS helpers guided me through this.

I may well just continue to see the  RHS London Plant Shows and visit a smaller show , such as Malvern. 

Another option would be to go to Members Day, when the crowds are smaller.

With the increasing popularity of these shows ,it is best to try to see what is best for you.