A creative weekend.

The weather looks good for the weekend.

My creative side is working very well!

Yesterday I was in Lincoln. 

Steam puncks where everywhere.

However, I manage to find a shop with gardening things.

I have decided to put a small metal bench in the front garden.

Today I went to Sculpture in the Sanctuary  nearby.

Articles included metal flowers, swans on the lake  and large coloured pots.

A blacksmith was on hand making objects.

I have never seen the art of stone balancing /sculpture before.

It is amazing.

Again I wanted to buy something for my garden.

In the end  I purchased a metal robin.

It will go very well on an old tree as my own sculpture.

Relaxation often leads to a more creative mood.

Why not give it a try!

Renovation of my front garden.

I am getting very excited about this.

In the last few days I have removed the lavender along the path.

Also the alchemilla mollis.

The violets will need to come out as well.

While  I am about it the Sambuca Nigra will be recycled to a friend.

It is a good time to thin out plants that have become too invasive.

This  leaves room to plant new flowers ,such as Lychnis.

In another section the Acanthus mollis will be relocated.

The berberis needed a drastic prune.

I have a beautiful pink rose called Fragrant Child next to the front door.

I have cut this back since most of the blooms have finished.

Before work starts on laying a new path/hard landscape  area ,I will protect the fern with some fleece.

Does it all sound like hard work?

That is because it is!

Contemplating Paradise.

 The Exhibition of Painting Paradise/ The art of the garden at The Queen’s Gallery is wonderful.

It includes tapestries, painting, ceramics and prints.

Three rooms have been arranged to show the various categories of work devoted to horticulture.

At one level it shows the history of gardens form the Persian gardens through to Renaissance gardens and onto modern gardens.

At another level it brings out the various art forms connected with this topic.

My favourites include:

Queen Victoria’s Chandilier from Osborne House.

A painting of a border by Queen Alexander. 

Henryviii’s book on horticulture.

The Faberge flowers.

Outside the weather was hot.

Inside the gallery provide a cool space to examine how much horticulture has been used to provide an area for relaxation and contemplation.

Long may this continue!

Give recognition to volunteer gardeners.

This week I have been talking to Volunteers  with Britain in Bloom. 

The local council workmen where highlighted in the Local paper for watering the pots!

Paid work!

Nothing had been said of the volunteers that retrieved on old boat from the river and planted it up.

Or of the way they had painted the railings onTrent Bridge at Newark.

The council and Britain in Bloom should have some means of making sure that these people and their great efforts do not go recognised.

Unpaid work for keeping our towns clean should not become the norm.

This is not the path we should follow.

My garden journal:Do something different!

This week I am concentrating on growing Vines.

I have bought an outdoor variety. Vitis

I am going to  plant it outdoor in a container with John Innes No 3 potting compost(loam-based).

The pot needs to be quite large30-38cm.

It requires a sunny position.

They need to have a good circulation of air to prevent powdery mildew.

There are various cultivars to suit your taste.

Pinot Noir has black grapes.

Phoenix is a white grape that has good resistance to powdery mildew.

Wasps can be problematic.

My apricot tree has had to be removed.

I will therefore fill the space with a vine .

I may have to wait a while to see any grapes.

However, watching the plant grow will add another point of interest in my garden.

My garden Journal

It is some time since I wrote about my garden.
There has been rapid growth this year.
Pruning shrubs is a must.
Roses need de-heading.
I have cut back some of those that have no flower buds.
The flower garden needing cheering up by planting flowers for late summer.
(Echinacea, Heleniums and Gaura).

My front garden is too full .
I have therefore decided to increase the path width and cut down the planting.
I have gone for a red path to match the house.
Some of the shrubs will be replaced by ferns.

It is worthwhile to re-evaluate the borders and see what needs changing.

This helps to keep the garden looking fresh.
Change can be a good motivation.
It just needs a bit of effort.