A little space for you.

This week I had a day to myself.

Meditation was part of the day.

A time to unwind and recharge the batteries.

Later I visited my favourite garden shop .

“The Worm that Turned “on Derby Road Nottingham is a must for all types of gardeners.

The books on display in various parts of the shop caught my eye this time.

Woman’s Sheds is wonderful.

How great  that somebody has written a book on this topic just for woman.

Books to colour are now seen as a good therapy. There were some dedicated to plants and flowers.

Why not try”20 Ways to draw a tree” as another idea.

In the section on Open Spaces on my website I have explained that stress is a major concern in the modern world.

We all need a space in which we can be ourselves.

Gardening and the related activities provides this space.

Why not give it  a try!





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