Enjoying my garden:

This year the flowers in my garden have been super.

First the  hellebores were amazing.

Then the tulips and Leucojum looked great in the Spring.

Aquilegia are always a welcome touch of colour.

Now the roses in various colours are just stunning.

This year my peony has flowered for the first time.

I  already have a good collection of geraniums.

This week I have added to my collection.

The same goes for the Irises.

Finally I have bought a scabiosa to add to the border.

Enjoying each season, with the different flowers that bloom , has become a new pleasure.

Get out and look at your garden.

It is worth it.


London Squares Weekend 2:

Hammersmith has 2 properties associated with William Morris.

One is Kelmscott House. The other is Emery Walker’s House.

Kelmscott is thrilling ,as it houses the printing press that Morris used.

Gardens and wild life were as inspiration to his work.

The drawings and tapestry bare witness to this.

This was a rare opportunity to view both the house and garden.

The walls of Emery Walker’s House were lined with material by Morris.

This is an unusual garden ,as it overlooks the River Thames.

Again the small garden was full of lovely flowers.

This scheme ,which allows entry into private gardens, is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Summer.

Open Garden Squares Weekend: London 2013

This was a great day,

despite very difficult travelling conditions with British Rail and London Underground.

The Walled Garden at Chiswick House is being restored .

A lot of work has gone into this by volunteers.

The result is well worth a visit.

The Glass house has a notable collection of Camellias.

A talk by the Garden Manager included reference to the special specimens.

Protection and care of this collection  was covered.

I bought an Iris that will remind me of my visit.

The rest of the garden includes an English Landscape Garden,  together with beautiful beds

and an Italian Garden .


Open Garden Squares Weekend 2013: 8/9th June.

 What  a super way to see gardens in London.

How to plan your garden visits:

Buy a tickets :tickets@opensquares.org


Look at the list of gardens.

Choose the categories you want to see.

What else is important to you?

Refreshments,historical interest, access?

Limit the choice: How much walking can you do?

Plan your route: down load maps and  time tables.

Give yourself plenty of time to see the gardens in a relaxed way.

Enjoy the experience!  weather permitting!