Adapting to change.

The Palmstead workshop this week informed us of the changes that are occurring.

Major players are retiring.

There are enough of the main players left to provide stability.

New key figures recognise the problems that the industry is facing.

They are right to demand help with this.

They also have the enthusiasm to overcome the economic climate that restricts progress.

As well as providing excellent talks, the workshop gives people a chance to see old friends and make new ones.

The Midlands does not have the wealth of the South East, however I do not let this get me down.

I welcome the chance to mix in the atmosphere that hopefully will help me to continue a little while longer.

Preparing for Palmstead !

Next week will be the annual Palmstead workshop.

Something that we garden designers look forward to very much.

The topic this year is Green Connections.

Ken Thompson is a Plant Scientist of note.

I have met him before and bought one of this books.

Andrew Wilson is a well known figure in this industry.

I have heard him speak before.

His views on how the industry should be run are very good.

Trees are always a popular topic at this workshop.

The Consulting Process.

This year there will also be time to discuss issues involved in working with people.

The chance to meet friends is a great idea.

What perfect way to start the year.