Horticulture on the curriculum.

As a past Science Teacher I am thrilled to hear that Horticulture is to be included in the national Curriculum  from September 2014.

This will be for children from 5–14 years.

The skills and knowledge that the study of Horticulture give are very valuable.

They include knowledge of plants, food production and health issues.

The RHS has been campaigning  for  this for10 years .  

This is something to celebrate!

Ethical and Sustainable Design: An attitude of mind.

Last Autumn I attended a seminar at NTU on Sustainable Design.

It was made clear that following Sustainable Principles involves certain values.

These include recognising that resources are finite.

People are not a commodity . They need respect.

I have already referred  to the seminar @ Classifora on Ethical and Sustainable Design.

This was  arranged by the APL .

Ethical and Sustainable standards  are linked.

Both treat  the consideration of people and resources with respect.

In practice this is not an easy option.

It takes time and effort to re-use materials.

Consideration of the people in India where Standstone is mined also requires an understanding of

 the “Bigger Picture”.

These ideas are new to some people.

Closer consideration is worth the effort if we are to think of the long term effects on the world we live in.




It is worth paying for good design.

Watching weekend television  about gardening last week made me realise that Garden Design comes in many packages.

There is the DIY approach in which simple paths and flower borders are constructed.

I would like to point out that this should not

be confused with Professional Garden Design.

Qualified Garden Designers have been through a hard education.

This means that attention is paid to the construction of paths and patios etc.

With full garden projects  important principles about style,shape , texture etc will be applied.

Plant Design is also an area in which expert knowledge is needed.

Yes DIY has a place.

However, do not confuse this with the true Garden Design.

This has a thorough knowledge of” The Bigger Picture”.

Use Garden Designers Properly.

Last week I had another unfortuneate client who did not really understand the Professional Nature of our work.

Our websites are designed to give a good description of the work we do.

We are not people you should call if you need your garden clearing.

If you need horticultural advice to get you shrubs back to a proper shape, be sure to contact the right person for this.

 Professional people are not “hired for work” !

Take time to build up a realionship with the designer rather than appearing to be in a panic over the state of your garden.

The wish list should be appropriate to you size of garden.

It should not resemble a shopping list assembled by looking at everthing that you could do in a garden.

Try to be selective.

Time spent thinking things through carefull before you meet the designer is very wothwhile.

I hope that this will help you with working with Garden Designers so that each person can feel that they have a sense of achievement.



The Association of Professional Landscapers.

Bridging the Gap:


The need for Landscapers and Garden Designers to have contact is  well known .

This was addressed at a meeting of the APL at Classiflora in Essex on Wednesday.  

 A informal setting provided a good opportunity for discussion between the two groups.

There was a well balanced agenda of Professional Development and Social Networking .

The day started with and Q& A session with Monty Don.

Tours of Classiflora were available.

The seminar on Ethical & Sustainable Landscaping had attracted me to the event.

It was well balanced and very well delivered from good speakers.

The evening ended with a super meal served by Classifora .

This event did a lot to help my understaning of the Landscape Industry.

Once again contact with a very professional Nursery at Classifora makes me realise that the

advantages of dealing with them.

Delegates had travelled from many regions to attend this event.

I am sure that,like me, they felt the day had been very worth while.