Just keep at it.

Recent loss has not deterred me from carrying on.

I recently went to a talk at Lincs Hardy Plant Society..

This week I visited the Anthony Gormley exhibition at the RA. It was super.

Yesterday I watched a film about Piet Oudolf.

For much of my design life I have used his work for planting designs.

The film showed how he developed this style.

What was interesting was how he based his designs on feeling and colour.

I will follow this.

Various locations were shown.

He is an unassuming man.

I met two people to talk to.

I am sure we will keep in contact.

This is what i meant when I suggest that we should never be satisfied to sit back and think we know it all.

We can, and should, go on learning.

I hope that you can do something like this in the dark days ahead.