Rococo Gardens:

Rococo comes from the words for  shell  and rock.

In the mid 18th century  owners liked to “Show off” their gardens by crowding many features into a small area. These 18th century gardens are”not so much about collections of plants but rather a place where plants become part of the furnishings of a flamboyant outdoor room in which to entertain.”

Painswick House in Gloucester has such a garden.

The garden occupies a valley.

It is best to walk up the valley and view the garden as intended.

The aim is to” lead the eye in various directions from the surrounding landscape to the  follies” etc. that adorn the garden.

Today clear skies showed the snowdrops at their best.  The trees were relected in the ponds and birds sang overhead.

All this lifted the spirit in a glimpse of the  growing season about to begin!

Trees: A continuing story.

 There are various projects that can be used to enhanse the environment.

One is”Trees in Cities” and the subsiduary”Trees in Streets”.

Both aim to give help with tree planting projects which will green “Open Spaces”.

It is very worthwhile for local communities to consider these projects and the benefits they can provide.

Nottingham Business Summit: Report

NCC should be very pleased with the amount of interest in this event.

The planned  ecomomic growth of the city is an exciting prospect.

Taking Nottingham into national, international and global markets is a worthy aim.

What was encouraging was the way in which those who are forming the strategy were willing to hear the views of a variety of sources.

This is the way forward for both forming and developing the economic future of the city.