my week. A good read.

 A bad cold has forced me to take things easy.

This left me with plenty of time to look at the books that I have bought recently.

The Walled Garden by  Leslie Geddes-Brown is a very thorough account of the history of walled gardens.

It then list and describes beautiful walled gardens around the world.

Good for planning trips on 2013.

I heard a talk by Bunny Guinness in November and bought her book on “Garden your way to health

and fitness“.This is a  very good book for people, like me, who want to stay fit enough to garden.

Many of the topics covered are now recommended to keep you healthy.

Lastly, on  my first walk into town after recovering my strength, I passed a house where a fellow

gardener was having a clear out.

I picked up a copy of Jane Brown’s “The Pursuit of Paradise.”This is a social history of

 gardens and gardening.

Lots to keep me busy in the short days ahead!


My week: Cheer up

Again I got into my garden to plant up things that will give me interest in the early part of next year.

Today I found hellebore flowers. Lots of them!

My Christams decorations from the garden look super.

The soil is very cold , which will prevent working with it.

However, I will be too busy in the coming week to notice this.


Happy Christmas.



My week: A welcome break in the garden.

Forget the shops, I spent the weekend in my garden!

There is still pruning to be done.

Then weeding provides an opportunity to thin out plants that would like to take over the flower beds.

Lastly, the exciting activity of “planting up” to add some colour to the borders.

Cyclamens come in a good range of colour.

Grape Hyancinths , in a deliacte shade of blue, are another good choice.

Lastly Narcissus”Tate a tate” will provide an early splash of colour in the New Year.

When you need to give yourself a reminder that the days will soon be getting longer again, get out in

the garden. It will do you the world of good.