Bulbs: The continuing story:

Those bulbs that I planted in pots 6 weeks ago and left in my garage have come up.

I was so proud to be able to take some to the Church Christmas Fayre.

The rest will be for gifts and used to brighten up my house in the early days of next year.

I have planted a bulb over stones indoors.

Everywhere there are bulb specials   to be had.

I am going to be firm with myself now.

The joy of gardening!

Grow Wild:Flowers to the People.

This is a project funded by the National Lottery in conjunction with Kew Gardens to plant Wild Flower Meadows.

You can sign to to receive a wild flower seed kit.

Register by 14th February 2015 and  get your kit in March 2015.

Contact: http://www.growwilduk.com/register-seed-kit

This will be enough to transform 10 square metres.

Why not do your bit to bring Wild Flower Meadows back into the landscape.

Poppies:People Art.

The Poppies at the Tower of London have attracted enormous crowds.

Visual Art is becoming very popular.

It is dramatic and can stir emotions on a grand scale

At another level the people who brought a poppy can feel that they are part of the whole.

They will be something   for them to keep when the display is taken down.

Quite rightly ,this form of art can be enjoyed by lots of people.

The artist was amazed at the reception his work has received.

There has also been a wonderful selection of poppies for people to wear.

Knitted varieties are everywhere.

I met a lady who had painted one.

Then there are the jewelled kinds.

Poppies have become the perfect flower for the people!

It is not over yet!

I have been looking with wonder at  my garden this week .

I have numerous examples of the fact that there is still at taste of Summer!

The soft pink  rose by my front door,( The Complete Gardener–I think), is still in bloom.

Nearby is a blue Geranium.

The Bistort is going strong.

Grasses are a delight at this time of year.

Miscanthus sinensis  and Stipa tenuissima flex in the breeze.

Briza maxima adds variety.

Cyclamen peep out from beneath the Dryopteris.

Yes it is time to plant bulbs and tidy the garden up for Winter.

However, while you are doing  this ,take time to remember all that was so inspiring about this Summer.