Transfere your skills.

I have been thinking over the last few weeks how some of the skills used in gardening can be used for other purposes.

In garden design we look at colour, shapes, textures and a combination of materials for innovation and creativity.

These can be put to good use in the home.

Paints now come in vivid “in your face ” colours or marvellous deep hues.

Putting them together in the home requires just the same courage as choosing outrageous garden furniture.

Hard landscaping does not have to be uniform and dull.

It is better to mix a variety of different textures and resources.

Planting design relies on the use of shapes and a combination of very different plants.

Similarly in the home, a great effect can be created by using many different textures and mediums. So have a go at using the skills that you have developed over years in the garden to brighten up the interior of your home.

You could surprise yourself.

A postscript to Palmstead.

The topic of eco anxiety was useful.

We must stay in touch with the need s of the planet.

We must work with these serious problems in mind.

I would like to offer a word of caution.

Designers are creative.

They are able to step outside the world of problems to reach another dimension.

This is important in our lives.

It provides colour, experience, relaxation and peace.

All positive aspects of our lives.

We still need to give these consideration.

Panic is not positive.

Continueal obsession with the problems of life is not useful.

At times it is necessary to take a step back . as landscapers and garden designers we should remember this.