Back to basics –again!

Today I have resurrected my propagator from storage.

I want to try my hand at growing plants from seed again.

I received a large collection of seeds from The HPS.

Now I  am hoping that I will grow some of the numerous varieties of Hardy Plants  seeds that  came in the post.

Also. I have purchased  fibre pots.

When the plants are established I can plant them out.

For a person who spends hours at a drawing board designing with plants, it is super to get  back to the basics of raising plants from seeds.

We all need “grounding” now and then.

Growing plants from seeds is a good way to achieve this.

Make new friends with an interest in gardening.


The May  meeting of the Nottingham Hardy Plants Society will be a social evening.

This will take the form of an Opening Evening in The Botanic Garden, Wollaton Park,Notts.

The evening is entitled “An introduction  to the Secret Garden”.

Have a glass of wine and  a nibble and walk around  the Nottingham HPS own Botanic Garden.

Date: 9th May 2014

Time: 6.30 pm–8.30 pm.

Venue :The Botanic Garden, Wollaton Park. Nottingham.


Art Again!

This week I have been in Scotland.

Edinburgh has the National Gallery of Scotland.

It is full of work by Titian, one of my favourite artist.

Long ago my father told me about his use of colour.

The blues and reds in his paintings are so beautiful.

Then there is the colour of the skin.

Garden Design is a long way from this.

However, we all need inspiration and there is nobody better to turn to than this famous painter.

It is not so much as saying” I wish that I could do that”!

It is more a case of saying I would like to try to aim at perfection as much as Titian did.

RHS London Flower Show.

This is well worth a visit.

It was a delight to see the beautiful displays  of Spring flowers.

Both Halls were packed with Specialist Nurseries.

How many species of daffodils are there?

Hellebores come so many forms.

I am glad to say that three came home with me!

The talks are very good indeed.

I attended one on “Gardening after the Floods”.

This did mean that I missed the end of day sell off .

However, there is only so many plants that one person can carry home on the train.

Now that I know where the RHS halls are located I can go again.