Healing with horticulture.

This week I have been researching how a hospice can help people.

It has long been known that plants help you to recover from lines.

Matthew Wilson designed a Chelsea Garden that has been transferred to a hospice on  the Isle of Wight.

The powerful effect of vivid planting is super.

A pond gives a tranquil touch.

Undulating boards provide rhythm.

I am sure the sense of smell is also stimulated.

We now look to more normal remedies to give solace and relaxation in difficult times.

Linking these events to Nature must be a great idea.



Art has many types–but no hierarchy.


My recent encounters at art classes has made me think about the many different forms of art.

Garden design involves looking at structures, colour, form and texture.

The skill of recognising and capturing this in a drawing cannot be overestimated.

What of the artist who commits the same view onto paper?

The two activities are similar.

However, artist like to ponder at the detail and subtle differences.

Designers work faster . They  not only look at what is, but what is possible.

Both are creative processes and neither is a highe r process than the other.

Two different mindsets are involved.

I found it hard to focus on what I saw.

My mind wants to take a critical look at what I see.

A good art teacher is one who recognises how a pupil  sees a landscape and carefully suggests new ideas and techniques.

Patience  and understanding is needed on both sides.

I will continue with my efforts to use another medium.

However, I know the people who are best to show me how to do this.



The treasures of Tatton.

Have just watched Tatton.

I am still recovering from my illness.

However, I gained some positive  stimulus from this flower show.

Metal structures are still in.

So are gravel paths, flower beds and large boulders.

My Gravel Garden is like this.

Natural Planting completes the picture.

The young designers showed us the way to a different future.

The winner said strongly that garden designers should design the garden they are pleased with.

YES  YES Yes — even when you have a domineering client that wants to push health and safety aside.

We are professionals and need to be treated as such.

This has done my confidence the world of good.

And now— back to the sofa to rest!