Let your garden be an example to others!

My new gate has made me realise that we could all help others to engage in horticulture.

The idea of communial

gardens has been around for some time.

It would be a good idea if we tried to engage others in gardening.

Whole developments could be given over to this purpose.

It might set a feeling that our environment is the charge of all of us.

Summer is here — so why not try this.


My week: high summer.

This week I have started on my project of designing simple projects that can make a small garden more attractive.

The gate has arrived and will be installed next week.

We are concentrating on details.

So the fittings will be black to match the dark wood.

You can meet people in all walks of life.

I was at Patchings Art festival this week and met a person who was a designer with Wolverhampton City .

The plant growth has been immense . Most of my week has been spent cutting back flowers the t have”gone over”.

Shrubs need pruning .

The catalogues have arrived for Late Summer and Autumn.

Weeding is constant activity.

Do not forget the therapeutic power of gardening during times of extreme stress.

I hope this has given you ideas to keep you gardening.