Another day in London.


Tate Modern has a wonderful Exhibition of the work of Georgia O’Keefe. 

The pictures of colour are simple and stunning.

Those of flowers and trees are amazing.

I long to have a go myself.

The townscapes are impressive.

So are the scenes of hills and landscapes.

I am sure that many of us would like to reduce our perception of the world to this level of simplicity.

Echoes of Garden Design spring to mind.

I am sure that I am well on the way to being influenced  by such a strong and powerful figure!

My week in the garden.

The weather has produced lots of growth.

Will I ever stop cutting back!!

However, I have a new project.

I am going to design and build a “Gravel Garden”.

In the next few weeks I hope to visit Beth Chato’s’s garden in Essex.

I have contacted the landscaper and we are excited about our new venture.

Today I have started to clear the ground.

The White valerian was taking over.

I will donated some to a friend.

My gardener can take out the Photinia , Euonymus and Choysia .

This can go to a friend as well.

I have done lots of research into the subject.

This garden faces west ,which is ideal .

Some plants will remain.

I hope to keep my project up to date on this blog.



Late Summer borders.



There is still time to add interest to your borders for the last months of the Summer.

The daisy group, including heleniums ,echinacea  and gaillardia have strong colours.

Diorama and lisimachia will add contrast.

Among the pastel shades are Cerinthe and Japanese anemone. 

Before too long Asters will be out.

Eupatorium and monada can be added.

I hope this plant list inspires you to get planting as a break from lying in the sun!




Your town centre does matter.

I was very sad to visit a town centre a few weeks ago and witness the sad state of the floral displays.

In depressed areas people need something to lighten their spirits .

Why can’t this be plants?

Yes we all know that there is a lack of money .

Firms can be approached to support displays.

Britain in Bloom can provide a focus

for both individual and collective effort.

It is all too easy to retreat into talk of regulations.

Volunteer groups can help.

Many councils are building contacts with professionals that can offer simple advice.

Extending the hand of friendship is important to these people .

Money should not be the prime concern.

A cheerful environment is important.

Surely people’s welfare is an important as balancing the books.