Permeable front gardens.

In 2008 the Government introduced new legislation that requires permeable materials to be used when paving front gardens.

With the weather this week , we would do well to give this consideration.

Permeable paving is gravel or vegetable areas.

Water is then directed away from impermeable areas.

There are many new and exciting materials on the market to help with this.

The major manufacturers of building materials, such as Marshalls, now produced these


Good Garden Designers will be able to suggest a range of materials that are suited to reducing “run -off” from front gardens.

we can all start to think about this.

Dramatic weather!

This week my local town has been  hit by terrible weather.

The red soil had covered the roads in red mud.

Roses have been reduced to  a handful of blooms.

An idea is to include an area of gravel in the garden design, which will absorb the run off.

Many people in the town have agreed this could be the way forward.

A flexible attitude to change is the answer.


Old fashioned is still ok.

Although naturalistic  planting has become fashionable , not all designers rate this highly.

Many prefer the “traditional ” style English garden.

This classical style is made up of shrubs and perennials.

It looks good all through the year.

Rosemary Verey’s garden in the Cotswolds in a good example of this.

Lawns are featured.

Grasses do not take “pride of place”. Perennials include Poppy, Lychnis, Salvia  and Poeny. Bulbs are important. Climbers may be Cematis.

Shrubs include hydranger and box balls.

We should therefore feel free to choose whatever style suits us best.

All these styles have a place in English Gardens.

A glorious Summer

Since I am an Islander  I feel justified in writing about this.

Quarr Abbey gardens are worth a visit.

There is now an Estate Manager, who worked at Hilliers Nursery in Romsey.

Volunteers work in the gardens. There are beautiful borders, vegetable plots and a  nautical themed bed.

A new café/ farm shop provides  a place to enjoy the gardens.

The garden of the George Hotel in Yarmouth could be located in Italy ..

Dramatic pots that are full of colour make a super display.

Elsewhere on the Island individual gardens with displays of roses are also worth a mention.

Wherever you are during the Summer, take time to reflex on the beauty that is around you.

It will do you “world of good”.

RHS Shows–continued

There is still a lot of events to come.

9–14th July Hampton Court Flower show

25–28th july Tatton Park Flower show

28-29th September Malvern Autumn Show.

8–9th October London harvest festival show

22-23 October London Shades of Autumn Show.