This week: Working with people.

This is quite an important part of my job.

First impressions do count  when I visit a garden.

Relationships work both ways.

Over the years I have built up a good idea of which clients will benefit from working with a  garden


It is easy to see from the state of the garden those that are interested in gardening.

Having an interest does help.

The way a client acts on the consultation indicates future success.

Constant objections to ideas suggests a negative attitude.

Overbearing behaviour would prevent a very good result.

Therefore, try to think why you have contacted the designer.

What vision do you have of your garden?

Be aware that you will be working with another person.

Trust is important.

This can be a worthwhile activity if apprached with the right frame of mind.

Do they get any bigger?

I told my local farm shop about my blogs.

So this is for them.

I have never seen such  a large pumkin!

Apparently the son grew it.

He is not going to tell what he put on the soil.

Now he has become a celebrity.

I have promised to go back with my camera.

Interestingly ,they have a field of pumkins next to the farm shop.

This week end is”Pick your own pumkin”.

I have suggested that my grandchildren go and see and perhpas get one.

This is the real fun of living in a rural environment.

Long may it last!

I hope the farm shop reads this blog.


My week so far!Good housekeeping in the garden.

Autumn is with us.

This is a good time to have a good look at the state of you garden.

It has been a wet summer with lots of plant growth.

Therefore, some plants will need cutting back before they take over.

Some will need to be divided .

Light and space are very important.

Plants that are too high will restrict the amount of sunlight .

This is important for flowering.

A garden can also benefit from the removal of rubbish.

Aesthetically this takes the eye away from the plants.

This kind of activity is worthwhile and should not be ignored.

It might also boost your wellbeing.

Knowing that you have things under control is a great feeling!




Sustainable Design: Post script to my garden design.

I have been saddened this week by the realisation that the general public does not understand this concept.

Today Health and Safety laws dictate our lives causing people to become apprehensive where there is little cause.

This makes following ideas of  taking a little more time and effort to use products from landscaping again very hard to follow.

Thus, I had some top grade top soil from my garden. I bagged it safely near my garage.

The neighbours did not like this!

When I tried to relocate it to others I was told moving soil is not covered by insurance.

If we are to use the very worthwhile concept of re-using products where we can, these objections need to be dealt  with.

My soil was not a success story, despite many telephone conversations to haulage contractors.

Let us hope that these impediments to environmental friendly methods can be overcome.