Turner Inspired.

TheTurner Exhibition @ The National Gallery is a delight.

It is a compact exhibition that can easily be done in an hour.

The watercolours show Turner’s unique skill in the ability to use bands of colour.

A close view shows how he drew his brush across the page.

When you stand back these colour combinations produce a superb effect.

This is seen in pictures such as “An industrial town at sunset” or “Venice”.

How will I use this in garden design?

Plants can be grouped together to form bands of colour.

The overall effect of using bands of colour should then be viewed from a distance as well.

If I could create something that reflects this wonderful technique I would be very glad.

The New Courtyard Garden;

My garden design has now been built.

It is super!

I enjoyed the day working with the landscapers.

It is always exciting to see a drawing on paper become a reality.

First hand contact with people who construct gardens is a must for somebody who works alone.

Conversations about “Specifications ,building suppliers and costings” pepper our day.

We have decided to use another metal edging after consulting together.

This experience of changing a well- established garden will help me with working with clients.

Change can be worthwhile if managed sensibly.



re-designing my garden :part 5 : Not losing heart!

We have spent 4 days removing the plants. Today makes it 5!

The garden I created is now just earth with some plants.

The plants we have removed are in pots.

They are ready to give to friends etc.

The rest will form part of my new designs in other parts of my garden.

It is easy at this stage to wonder “is it  worth it”?

I can now see what it is like for clients.

Do not lose heart!

The sun is out .

Working with others gives a chance to enjoy gardening conversations.

Next week the landscpaing will be done.

I can look forward to a new garden.

Hopefully this will bring new joys.