Renovating a garden.

My front garden is a Spring garden.

After that a lot of work has to be done

 Jobs include:

  1. Prune overgrown shrubs.
  2. Weed.
  3. Take out plants that have become invasive.
  4.  Remove plants that look tired.
  5. Plan a new planting theme– this would include colour, shape,and interest.
  6. Think about new plants you would like.
  7. Include structures for interest such as benches or bird baths.
  8. Think about how best to vary planting according to height etc.
  9. Start planting.
  10. Stand back and look at the garden as it takes shape.



Something different!

Today I went to the Belvoir Flower Show. 

This is a new venture ,set in the ground of Belvoir Castle. 

The sun shone and everybody was happy.

It is good to go to a show that is not promoted by the RHS

Many of the Show gardens were designed by designers that were trained at Brackenhurst/ NTU in Southwell, Notts

What a great networking opportunity

The plant stores encouraged me to buy some new roses.

Many worthwhile organisations were present, such as the Hardy Plants and Perennial.

Music was on hand, together with a selection of food stores.

For a quiet time, visitors could listen to Gardeners Question Time. 

The Belvoir Estate is being well developed as a tourist destination.

It is well worth a visit.