With Winter in mind:

Two very hard winters have left many of us wondering if we should re-evalaute  the of list of Hardy Plants we can grow locally in our gardens.

The beautiful pink  Citus in my garden died last winter.

With this in mind, is it time to think about the plants we recommend for planting schemes?

So far I have contacted the RHS.

Their response is that it might be useful to take note of those plants that have not survived.

Caution could then be exercised in using them again.

New plants with “Enharnsed hardiness” could help us here.

Certainly there will be a difference in what can survive in the more equable South to that experienced

here in the Midlands.

This goes some way to answer the problems.

However, perhaps more information will come my way to help me with my planting schemes next Spring!



 room 4-you


Anne Smith Designs has had a further meeting with this company. 

Adding a new room in your garden could provide  you with the extra room you need.

Further information on this topic will be provide on this topic in the near future.

Discovering a new herb.

While eating at Le Manoir Aux Quat ‘Saisons this week a delightful new plant appeared on my plate.

This turned out to be Claytonia (Miner’s Lettuce), which was grown in the garden of the hotel.

The Manoir has beautiful gardens including a well stocked vegetable garden.

Just what you would expect from  a French establishment.



Southwell Town Council

Anne Smith Designs has contacted Nick Coslett @Palmstead Nurseries,Kent forl advice on the planting of areas of Special Interest to protect them against damage from vandalism.