Eco anxiety.

This week I attended the 2020 workshop at palmstead.

The topic under discussion was eco anxiety or concern for the planet.

Global warming was presented by Petere Gibbs ,former BBC weather man.

The temperature rise has been very significant lately.

This has a an impact on wildlife and ecology.

Tony kirkham from Kew gave a list of trees that could be grown to give a larger canopy.

This could help mitigate climate change.

We were assured the Forestry Commission is playing its part.

The topic then turned to each of us and how we can play our part.

Anna French ,who has long attended these workshops, produced ideas for garden design practices.

We can all look at our lives and reduce our carbon footprint.

Such ideas include buy less clothes, look at what you eat and use public transport.

We can also ask our suppliers to follow our example.

We do not need to get depressed about these topics, we just need to act.