My Garden Journal: 1

Inside my house I have a total of 4 pots of hyacinths and 1 amaryllis.

Outside things are starting to appear.

on January 5th:

I noted cyclamen, heather and hellebore  in flower.

Shrubs included:

Winter Jasmine, Viburnum Dawn” and “Witch hazel”.

Snowdrops came out last week.

The snow damaged my ferns to such an extent I had to cut them back.

This is the first year  that I have done  a journal.

It is encouraging that although we have had snow, there are signs of activity.

More news from my garden in weeks to come!

Pictures, plants and people.

Last night  was  the first  meeting this year of the HPS of Nottingham .

What a great way to forget the very difficult day in Paris.

It was a delight to be among plant lovers again.

The talk was entitled Winter into Spring.

The speaker from HOO House Nursery was well prepared with beautiful slides of perennials that flower  from Winter into Spring.

These included Hellebores, Eranthis, Galanthus Cyclamen,Pulsatilla , Erythronium and Hepaticas

Tips were given on how to breed hellebores..

Plant combinations and making use of broken pots was mentioned.

Making contact with fellow plant enthusiasts is always a delight.

As is hearing recommendations for gardens to visit.

These long nights after Christmas can be used to a good purpose by mixing with other gardeners.

The result is  an increased motivation to make the most of the year ahead.

Selling houses : The gardens.

This week I have been thinking about selling houses.

Always a topic in a family with relations connected with this.

Yes things like a well decorated and updated dwelling are important.

Gardens need a mention.

Here are some Ideas.

Light:  Aspect affects where the sun rises and sets. All day sun is a bonus.

Lack of light because of overgrown Conifers will present a bad impression.

Gardens themselves come in many styles.

An easy to care for garden is a help.

A well stocked garden with good plants gives the feeling it has has been cared for.

Landscaping is a bonus if you can prove  the construction was done by fully qualified people.

Kerb appeal:

The front garden should be welcoming.

A coloured front  door adds image.

Front gardens need to conform to regulations governing the amount of hard landscaping that occurs.

New ideas in car parking on front gardens have been around for about 5 years now.

So before you put your house on the market make sure the garden has a tidy up!

New Year: New features.

In June 2015 Anne Smith Designs celebrates 10years of Design.

Why note visit our blog throughout the year and read the new features.

Topical tips: A month by month look at jobs in the garden.

A Garden journal: a look at my garden during the year.

Then and Now: Fashions in garden design over the last 10 tears.

Branching out: .Places to visit. Art shows and much more.

Back to basics: Basic horticultural techniques with a “Step by step” guide.

Lots of reasons to make a regular visit to Anne Smith Designs Blog.

Happy New Year: Happy Gardening!