Colour in the garden needs great care.

At New Year I spent some time on the Isle of Wight.

I am from the Island .

Lots of property has been bought by people from other areas.

What I noticed most was the lack of understanding about light conditions in the winter.

If a garden is to be viewed in the winter light, such colours as blue will not look very interesting.

They are too harsh.

Greens and browns would look much better.

So blue fences are not a good idea.

Black is also harsh.

Too much use of dark colours is depressing.

Therefore , get a designer that knows the area well.

The finishes product will be worth the extra effort.

London again.

This week I visited a nursery in London.

This was Clifton Nurseries. Matthew Wilson, the managing director writes for the FT.

He also give good talk on garden topics.

I bought bulbs to brighten up my son’s flat and garden tools for my grandchildren.

Part of the joy of gardening is to pass on your enthusiasm others.

The staff in both the nursery and café were cheerful for this time of year.

January can still offer some excitement in the form of visits connected with gardening.

A New Year in the garden.

There are lots of things to cheer us up.

On the Isle of Wight I saw a beautiful Mimosa tree.

In my own garden the Hamamelis is out . So are the Cyclamens.

Also, I have a pink rose by my front door!

Inside I have a collection of bulbs including  amaryllis, daffodils and hyacinths,

We can all look forward to the New Year ahead if we think about the pleasures that await us in the garden.