Trees: A National Treasure.

Trees are a very important natural feature of “Open Spaces”.

Not only  are they aesthetically pleasing but they serve an important biological funtion.

They provide  a means of exchange of oxygen and carbondioxide.

They  also release water vapour into the atmosphere.

They form part of the biomass.

I was therefore pleased to hear that Southwell Town Council are to spend quite a lot of money to care for the health of local trees.

The Chapter House of Southwell Minster depicts leaves of various native trees.

This shows their importance locally.

Keeping this natural treasure healthy recognises what an important resourse trees are in the environment.

Cheer up–you can still think of gardening in Winter!

 Here are some activities that I have done to help me through the shorter length of daytime.

1) Tidied up the pots and recycled a strawberry pot to charity.

2) Started to think of new ways to use the pergola in my courtyard garden.

3) Researched the”Hardy Plant Society” and found my local contact.

Who knows this could lead to a “New Year’s Resolution”!

4)Looked into the National Plant Collection.

5) Contacted my local garden club to find out about gardens they hope to visit.

6)Started to think about the Garden Shows for 2012.

I have never been to the Malvern Show and Malvern is a beautiful location.

7)Bought the Christmas bulbs out of the dark.

These are all very useful activities to take your mind off shopping and wrapping presents.

They also help us to realise that after next week the days will start to get longer again.

Bulbs emerging from the soil show us that there is a lot to look forward to in the New Year.


Leonardo Da Vinci and garden design.

The exhibtion shows how Leonardo’s studies lead him to a greater understanding of how Art can reflect the rules of nature.

This was called The Devine Proportion or The Golden Ratio.

Using these principles the artist’s work gives a sense of order.

This message can be used in design today .

The idea of ratio ,balance and order is useful .

It should be considered as another tool to inform design.