Something new!

Today I joined the Lincs Cottage Garden Society on a trip to Burley. 

The open garden that we visited was a delight.

The group was made up of charming people and we talked about plants,books and cricket.

The garden comprised of a walled garden with fruit and vegetables.

An ornamental garden and a pond.

The boundaries were used as wildlife gardens.

It was immaculate.

The plant stall was a must.

This sis what gardening is all about.

Lovely gardens,pleasant people and inspirational garden visits.

Get out there and find a gardening society near you!


Pure Perfection.

Poppies make the headline again in “Open Spaces”.

This week a new display of some of the poppies that were at the Tower of London  form a “wave” in Lincoln Castle.

The castle has had a make over and also houses a display on Magna Carter.

Shops around the Castle have lovely displays of poppies as well.

By doing this  public places can once again turn their area into something that can be enjoyed by all.

Visual art is a new art form .

Let us hope it is here to stay.

Go and have a look.

It is just super.

First impressions: Chelsea 2016

A designer who was a student with me has made it to Chelsea.

Plants :

Blue is the colour if it is a poppy or a hydranger.


Metal for seats, stairs and edging.

Cement walls and paths.


Lawns are back.

Lawns with herbs, artificial lawns or just simple lawns.

Wildlife gardens, simple gardens or a mixture of the two.

More ideas as the show goes on.


A new story for parks.

This week I have become aware of a group of young parents  that have become involved in providing good play areas for our young people.

In the past play areas were provided by the Town Council.

Strict laws were in place to maintain this  management  of “Open Spaces.” 

Time has moved things in a better direction.

In Southwell The Friends of SouthwellParks have set out to raise £100,00 to upgrade the equipment in the local park.

They have instructed the services of a worthwhile company to build the equipment.

Before anything was decided the local schools were asked to provide input.

Parks for People and WREN have given money.

The rest will be raised by street cake stalls  etc.

This is a great move to let those people ,who have an interest in play areas, oversee their construction.

Community projects like these are the way forward in involving all in the management of our “Open Spaces”


Pure perfection!

This weekend my son graduated from Cambridge.

The ceremony was followed by a visit to his college.

The view from the street is just a quad and a lawn.

Closer inspection revealed a super garden.

Beautiful borders were full of bulbs and perennial flowers.

A wild flower meadow with a pond formed another area.

Some small corners were planted with exotics.

Sweeping lawns contrasted well with the wonderful architecture. These gardens provide a serene environment in which to study.

The gardeners who created these gardens must have thought of this.

It is an arduous lifestyle for students and academics.

However, the lovely setting hopefully provides a compensation.


My week in the garden.

The sun has come out at last.

This has resulted in many new flowers.

The geraniums look good .

As do the aquilegia and tulips.

Camassias have become one of my Spring favourites.

Epimedium is another great little  flower.

My colour scheme is blue and pink.

Yellow adds a splash of contrast.

Another development this week has been for me to define private and public space in my gardens.

The back garden will comprise of my art work and courtyard garden.

The front will be the social space.

This will be useful in defining the plants I use and the effort I put into both.

If you have an overload of work in your garden, this may be of use to you.

Happy ga

A Spring garden in Shropshire..

Snow and hail can make us doubt that Spring is here.

It is a good idea to visit a special garden to remove these doubts.

Yesterday I went to the Dorothy Clive Garden in Shropshire.

The garden cascades down slopes which are planted with Rhododendrons, Azaleas,hellebores,bluebells and much more. 

Elsewhere there are waterfalls and ponds.

It was good to visit a traditional garden with shrubs and borders.

The glasshouse is being used to construct a modern garden.

The volunteers have helped design this.

Sweeping curves in hard landscaping are surrounded by planting inspired by the colour wheel.

Industrial containers complete the image.

If you are in doubt that Spring is on the way ,why not visit a special garden to lift your spirits.