Heavenly hellebores: My garden.

It is the end of February.

We should celebrate  the emergence of super hellebores in the garden.

I have increased my stock to include a mixture of varieties.

Some bow their heads, while others show their speckled flowers.

The colours range from “Nigra: which is a dark purple , to cream.

Soft pinks are delicate and refreshing.

Next week I hope to visit Hodsock  Priory in North Nottinghamshire.

Here snowdrops are mixed with hellebores in sweeping beds.

Give it  a try.

It is time to get outside again.



Style: lighting in the garden.

outside lighting garden
light /lantern

I have covered this before but it is worth looking at again.

There are lots of new ideas around.

Where are some:

On walls coaching lights are very popular.

For pergolas there is a choice of string lights or lanterns.

For patio tables  Edison has a good table light for £14.00

Also for table are floating lights you put in a glass. Another idea is a light that goes in a spent wine bottle.

Of course there is the more traditional wax candle in a pot.

For a stronger light electric lights are super.

A landscaper cut through my power cable last year.

This is on the “to-do ” list.

Why not go for a mixture of lights that you can enjoy whatever the weather in

any part of the day.

I hope this has encouraged you to revamp the lights in your garden.




Valentine: What will you send?


Tuesday is the 14th February!

Traditionally it was the man who gave flowers to the woman.

Nowadays that is changing.

I hope that my husband and I will both exchange gifts!

Tea lights in the shape of a heart would work well for a man.

Chocolates are a favourite for the lady.

However, there are lots of on-line ways to send flowers.

Bloom and Wild do letterbox flowers that the recipient can arrange themselves.

So do Bunches.co.uk

Designer florist include Wild at Heart.

They will offer a bespoke arrangement.

Likewise Freedie’s Flowers in Wandsworth.

We could do with something cheering this week as the Winter continues .

I am hoping that I am lucky on Tuesday!