National Garden Week 2016:

11th -17th April:RHS


This week will be packed with events.

The RHS gardens will be hosting special activities.

National Open Gardens Day 15th April.

Highgrove the Gardens Celebrated 11-16th April. 

Gust speakers included Carol Klein and Raymond Blanc.

Find an event near you.



Tackling trees needs care.

Once again I have been reading about tree preservation orders. 

Before cutting down a tree in England and Wales  you should check that it is not subject to a tree preservation order. 

Also , problems arise if it is in a conservation area.

You can check this with your local planning department. 

The authority can protect a tree if they think it is “in the interest of the amenity.”

You could face a fine of up to £20.000 if you cut a tree down without permission.

As I have stated many times in my blogs trees are worth looking after .

They are a treasure to us all.

Regenerating the garage.

A garage has a lot of areas that can be used for gardening.

What I mean is that I have decided to use mine to a better purpose.

A good clear out is needed.

I have made a plan of the different areas of use.

The potting table will for the basis of the potting area. 

As far as storage is concerned.

Next there will be an area for small shelves.

Retro is very popular.

I will include this.

Boxes are another idea.

These can be fixed to the wall.

Another area will be used for large storage. 

I never thought that sorting out the garage could be so exciting!!



Enjoying Easton.

Now is the time to get out and visit those places that you know are going to give you inspiration.

My chosen garden was Easton Walled Garden near Grantham. 

The feeling of space is wonderful.

The use of Space is interesting..

There is a mixture of small gardens for reflection and rest.

When your strength has returned you can walk round the more extensive areas with trees and borders.

Entrances make a great impression.

Here  the shop is very well done.

Having walked in the Spring air a little refreshment was most welcome.

The cafe is  tastefully decorated with a good lunch and tea menu.

“Well worth a visit”is too simple a phrase to describe this Little Gem.

A family Affair.

Spring is in the air .

Time for a reflection on how things are going.

Indoor bulbs are doing well

The amaryllis has finished.

Now the crocuses are doing well.

The lemon tree has 2 fruits.

Outside I have planted a new rose tree.

My husband has taken up the task of weeding.

The snowdrops have finished.

Leucojum is out. As is Eranthis.

My son has moved house , together with his Cornus Mass.

My son-in -law has transplanted a tree.

I have advised him thatCarbon Gold makes Tree Transplanter that helps reduce stress in plants that have been moved.

A wealth of knowledge can be gained in talking to people about their gardening problems.


Trees yet again!

I was recently contacted about Ash dieback.

Carbon Gold have tree products .

One is Tree soil improver, which is good for new and transplanted shrubs.

It reduces stress and promotes vigorous growth.

The other is  Tree Fertiliser  which can be used  when planting trees or for those in infected soils.

The two products , used together have  had a positive result on a three year trial on Ash dieback. 

The product delivers increased vitality and root vigour through a healthy microbial population.

Our trees are our heritage and these ideas are welcome in the fight to keep our trees.