The wealth of notable gardens in Nottinghamshire.

This  week I continued my quest to attend  different talks on gardening topics.

Philip E. Jones gave a very good talk on the Historic Gardens of Nottinghamshire.

This was the first time I had attended an event at the Studies Section of Nottingham Central Library.

I was amazed at the number of big houses and gardens that were situated in Nottinghamshire in the last century.

Philip covered the history of these houses and gardens very well.

He presented beautiful photographs which showed what the gardens looked like.

Many of the were owned by the families of the Dukeries Estate.

Famous garden designers, such as Repton ,were involved.

The influence of Victorian design was very real.

Palm houses to provide exotic fruits and Walled Kitchen  Gardens .

A member  of the audience pointed out that these gardens influenced private garden design.

Philip has written a book on this subject, which I look forward to reading.

Tempted by topiary:

I have been given two topiary trees.

I call them ” My little men”.

Now I must get to grips with how to look after them.

I have ordered two metal planters to put them in.

They need a good watering.

Feeding with a slow release fertilizer comes next.

Good drainage will be provided by adding crocks to the bottom of the planter.

Perhaps some gravel.

Lime based soil is best.

Lastly pruning is best done in mid–late summer.

I have some special shears.

That is all I need I think.

Keep an eye out for an update on my new adventure!

Engaging with Exotics:

I have recently been looking more closely at plants from other continents.

These included such countries as Australia ,New Zealand and South Africa.

I knew very little about such plants.

When we are unfamiliar with something we tend to dismiss it.

I wanted to change my attitude to such plants.

These points are worth noting.

These plants are exciting.

They can be massive!

Adaptation means that some may be covered in thorns –so beware.

They come from places with higher temperatures than this country.

Yes the South of England  may well be suitable.

But towards the Midlands and in the North we cannot  depend on good winters.

They can be very expensive.–£650.00 for a palm tree.

Some are already know to us.

These include Eucalyptus, Eucomis ,Hydrangea and Magnolia.

Then there are the Cacti and Palms.

There are various Botanic Gardens in the South of England that are worth a visit to start you off.

Go on –this summer Engage with Exotics!