“Bring it on”! Bank Holiday Special.

Of all the options open to me this week end I have decided to spend my time in the garden.

There are various reasons for this.

I bought two super Clematis @ Aldi for £5.oo each.

“Voluceau” and “Comtesse de Bouchard”.

J.S Parker have delivered my Autumn bulbs(Colchicum and Dwarf Narcissi).

The plants that I bought from the WI need planting.

Lastly, I would like to tidy up my garden before my holiday.

If you choose to spend  the Bank Holiday away from the crowds in the peace of your garden—Enjoy. !

Colour: A close look:

This exhibition at the National Gallery was captivating.

It took each colour in turn  with a room dedicated to each.

The sources of pigments used for paint included rocks ,insects  and plants.

Examples are art work showing striking use of each colour were shown.

I loved the room showing silver and gold.

It made me want to rush home and have a go myself.

Colour vision depends on the brain.

A film showed how the perception of colour varies according to different light sources.

The exhibition inspired and invited viewers to have a go themselves.

This is just as it should be.


Well worth a visit.

I am not very fond of exotics.

However, the displays at Wollerton Old Hall Garden are marvellous.

Vivid colours clash with each other.

The garden is made of small rooms.

These are divide by yew hedges.

Some rooms are tranquil ,while others are very vibrant.

The vistas are beautiful.

Details ,such as small water features or ornate obelisks provide interest throughout.

The garden has something for all gardeners ,which is a rare achievement.

Sampling the best of Summer.

The summer holidays are a good time to enjoy visits to gardens and exhibitions.

Next week I hope to visit the Colour Exhibition at the National Gallery.

A trip to London is always something to look forward to.

I have also made a list of gardens.

Calke Abbey  near Derby is not too far away.

Wollerton Old Hall Garden near Stoke on Trent will take longer to drive to.

Everybody needs “Time Out” from the stresses of everyday life.

These ideas may help you to unwind.