Yes it does make a difference!

I have had my front door painted this week.

The result is super.

All those pictures of front doors that I took on holiday were worth it.

I love the colour.

It is deep mushroom.

The door is metal so B& Q mixed a colour in Hammerite.

The decorator was impressed!

Now of course my mind turns towards the path.

There is some great paving that would match this well

It might have to wait  for a bit.

Yes plants are my forte,but I would like to think that I also have the knowledge to make sure that the hard landscaping is up to scratch.

I now await positive feedback from the neighbours!

Palmstead :Perfecting Plant Design.

The workshop at Palmstead this week added a new slant to Plant Design.

Noel Kingsbury talked about Perennial plants.

There are both short lived and long lived perennials.

Their structure influences this.

Designers will improve the lasting  effect of their designs by knowing more about this.

Maintenance of the gardens in the long term is worthy of consideration.

A  new idea of comparing this to the cost of keeping a boat was  suggested.

Lawns turn out to be more costly than Meadow Planting.

RHS Wisley has mixed borders  and New Planting.

The maintenance for each is different.

Once again this workshop lead the way in thinking critically how we design gardens.

The professional should always have an “Open mind” and take these ideas “onboard”.

Anticipating Autumn.

The change in the weather has made us think of jobs to be done in the garden in preparation for next year.

Pruning: Cut back dead or deceased parts of trees and shrubs.

Planting: Bulbs and Wall flowers.

Division: of Perennials.

Removal: of trees and plants that have died.

Activities of Autumn remind us to anticipate another year of gardening next year.

Don’t believe all you read!

Last night Nottingham Hardy Plant Society hosted a talk by Dr. Ken Thompson.

Sheffield has a number of famous speakers in the garden world.

This was another.

Advertising can try to sell us anything.

Ken Thompson suggested that we stop to think for ourselves.

Anti-oxidants  can be found in blackberries and black currents without resorting to the other exotic fruits that suppliers recommend.

Rock dust does not increase  plant yields.

Manure and compost are the more reliable  methods  to help plant growth.

Companion Planting does not work by scents that ward off cabbage fly.

Planting other green plants will  confuse the fly .

It is useful to look  critically at what advertising is suggesting.

We should be “On the look out” for false prophets in the gardening world.

Making an entrance!

There are many topics that I could write about this week.

I have been on holiday.

 Front entrances is a favourite topic of mine.

I have gazed in wonder at the large variety of ways that people make this space their own.

Pots of plants was introduced to us by Christopher Lloyd at Great Dixter.

Roses around the door is a traditional theme.

Here are some other ideas that I have seen on my travels.

Coloured  walls in pastel colours with doors in a matching shade.

Patterned paving slabs.

Kitsch statues such as sailors.

Shell patterns.

Attractive glass panels by the door.

Paths of gravel, slate or paving stones.

The key is to go with your own choice of hard landscaping.

Blend in the walls and door.

Add some interest in the form of plants or objects that with give a focal point.

The aim should be to entice the people who walk by to take a closer look at your entrance.