Happy New Year.

During the relatively quite period between Christmas and New year I have given some thought to the year ahead.

Here are my ideas:

1)Develop art techniques.

The cold weather gave me a chance to due some pastile work with plant pictures.

2) Plan garden Visits– Norfolk comes high on the list.

So does the new Flower Show at Belvoir in July.

3) Palmstead starts a new regime with their workshop in January.

The topic is Vertical Planting / podium decking.

4) Anne Smith Designs will be 13 years old in 2018.

5) Indoor bulbs  listen up my house. I am so glad that I managed to do this amidst the many other activities.

If you are planning 2018 and gardening I hope that I have given you some ideas.

Good Luck!



I never follow what critics say!

Travelling to Tate Britain on a train I read the review of the Impressionists Exhibition. 

It was not very good.

Why criticise  something just because it does not reach unrealistic standards.

The fog scenes of London were very interesting.

I also enjoyed the depictions of social life.

Surely Monet’s scenes of the Thames were worthy of note.

As somebody who has just started painting, I liked the colourful paintings of London.

I will try a similar approach.

It is sad that people ,who should know better ,do not encourage  others to go and see Art.

I think it is waisting an opportunity.

Go and see this Exhibition.

Make up your own mind!,