Autumn :My week.

This week has bought us lovely weather.

Other parts may be experiencing storms ,but here all is calm.

A good chance to plant bulbs for the Spring.

There is a good deal of colour in my garden :

Late roses, loosestrife, cyclamen and Japanese anemone. 

The bonsai beach tree is beautiful gold.

I have taken pictures to remind myself what the garden looks like.

This helps too plan for next year.

In the garage I have planted up my bulbs for Christmas.

Planning ahead is what gardeners do. It means that we are always looking forward .

With the dark days ahead ,this is so worthwhile.

Chatsworth starts a trend.

Yesterday I went to a talk at at Chatsworth. 

This was about the history of the garden design there.  How better to further your knowledge than to visit a place like this.

Chatsworth has set up an education  section for this purpose.

The talk was stimulating and enjoyable.

It included subjects from Elizabethan Gardens to the present day.

It also provided an opportunity to mix with” like- minded” people.

History was never as interesting as this.

Sunshine accompanied our tour of the gardens.

I have visited the house many times -but had no idea of the scope of the gardens.

Other stately homes are sure to copy this great example.