TattonPark continues to tempt!

The show gardens once again focussed on metal in the garden.

Either as sculpture or as pergolas. 

The ” back to back” gardens had lots of good ideas.

Simple “perennial planting “with a pergola.

This could be done in any garden.

Carol Klein talked about “ Hardy plants“, which include Geranium”Rozanne”and 


Vegetables were displayed in amazing variety.

The competitors in this category  are so dedicated.

Tatton has a  lovely setting and is well worth a visit.

Yes the big shows in the south of England are good.

If you have not yet visited this”Northern show” why not give it a try.

From 2017 there will be another at Chatsworth House. 

Something for the diary?




Come on Southwell . This is important!

In the news today there is an article that states that the world famous Bramley Apple Tree in Easthorpe is in danger of dying.

It has a fungal infection that affects the transport system of the tree.

Nancy Harrison who owned the tree died nearly two years ago.

She was a lovely lady,who dedicated her life to gardening.

The nursery family called Merryweather were responsible for developing the tree.

All Bramley trees come from this tree.

Clones have been taken.

It needs the people of Southwell to get organised to see that this tree is maintained.




Courting success.

Hampton Court Flower Show will have been much cooler this year.

Plants were high on the agenda,including roses, gladiolus and dahlia. 

Much has been made of the connection between gardening and health.

A lavender garden was a popular choice.

Natural materials are to be seen everywhere.

Either as white paths or dry stone walls.

Wildlife gardens are still a good draw.

Much to see and much to enjoy.


After the rains!

Finally the rain has stopped.

Also the injections in my back have eased things enough for me to do some gardening.

I make the most of early mornings.

Pruning overgrown shrubs, weeding and moving plants.

Then I sit down and listen to the water in the water feature.

The new smell of the honeysuckle is amazing.

Overhead the sky is blue and cloudless.

Swifts fly overhead.

No sound reaches my ears , as the neighbours are not about.

Such tranquility, life and pleasure.