Everyday things!

I am going to start a series about simple things to do with gardening.

These will include gates, plants and garden paths etc.

First is the joy of shopping at Morrisons plant department.

Christine is the person who runs this in Newark.

She loves her job.

She knows that ordinary people are able to enjoy good plants from her.

A few weeks ago they sold a Trellised Jasmine for £55.00 –that was originally £110.00

Often in the winter I cheer myself up by buying their special potted bulbs.

In summer Pinks are the best buy.

We need to “think out of the box” about where we purchase our plants.

Of course the special nurseries are there for the difficult plants.

But do take a look at what is available on your weekly shop.

Give yourself a little treat as you buy the weekly meat , fish and vegetables.


Pure pleasure at Chatsworth.

Recent events have left me feeling sad.

Visiting the Chatsworth Flower Show this week helped cheer me up.

I wrote my review while looking out over the amazing view.

Chatsworth never fails to fill me with pride.

The English have a great history in creating landscape gardens.

Sheffield University Department of Horticulture , headed by Nigel Dunnett, was well represented in the Beautiful Borders section.

Some took inspiration from the surrounding Peak District.

The Floral Marquee

was crammed with plants.

The Garden societies were well represented.

This is a chance to think about mixing with fellow gardeners.

Elsewhere, clothing gear was everywhere.

This is a super venue to meet people and talk about gardening.

The show continues until sunday.