Sailing very close to the wind!

This week I bought a “sail Canopy” from the web to try as  a sun  screen in my garden.

I was going to have it between the posts of my pergola.

I have often thought of putting one in my garden designs.

I am glad that I have tried it out first.

The material was far too flimsy.

The attachments and ropes were inadequate.

It was not a strong structure.

I am going to return it.

If you do think of putting one in your garden here are some guidelines.

Purchase one from a well known sail manufacturer.

The material will be strong.

Fittings must be able to take tensile strength.

Pergolas are not a good anchor point.

A house wall probably would be.

These are not quick  solutions for shade in the garden.

Plants to brighten up the borders in Late Summer.

Last weekend storms devastated  my garden.

I spent t a whole day tidying up  the mess.

When I had finished I went to my local nursery.

I walked slowly along the aisles looking for flowering plants to brighten up the garden for the last  months of Summer.

Here are some ideas.

Back of border: Upatorium , verbena bonariensis.

Middle:  Phlox, Echinacea, leuconthums.

Front:  anemone, small dahlias.




Reclaimed, recycled and reloved.

A strong theme among exhibitors this year at Hampton Court was the use of reclaimed material.

Stone troughs and metal baths can be planted up with flowers.

Pieces of driftwood make wonderful sculptures.

Elsewhere coaching lamps provide a touch of nostalgia.

All these make very good focal points in a garden.

The message is clear.

Fairly   familiar objects can become new Art  Forms by using imagination and creativity.

Hurrah for Hampton Court Flower Show!

Thinking about my visit this week is very cheering.
It is raining outside and no hope of going in the garden.
The back garden needs some more colour.
Thankfully I have examined the Hampton Court Catalogue , which gives lots of plant suppliers.
How will I fit it all in?
I have made an agenda of Show Gardens and eating venues.
Probably best to keep the plant suppliers until last.

The last time I went to the Flower Show I came home with some giant Alliums.
It was all part of the fun!

Making the most of Matisse.

The cut outs of Henri Matisse at Tate Modern are marvellous.
There are always lessons to be learnt from examining the work of the great masters.
The display that showed his colour palette was very interesting.
As was the template for the Madonna and Child.
The paper was painted by an assistant.
The more you look at the Cut- outs the more you understand what an art form this is.

Matisse was concerned with the juxtaposition of colours.
Simplicity was a keynote.
Anyone connected with design can gain a lot from examination of such wonderful art.