Gardening and Health.

Bunny Guinness has written a booked called” Garden your way to health and fitness.”

She explains that  exercise can help you to gain the stamina and strength to garden.

I have been recommended Pilates and Swimming for the same reason.

Feeling fit helps you tackle  more difficult jobs.

I have spent many hours in the garden this bank holiday weekend.

Varying tasks is better than performing one task for too long.

Pruning, digging and weeding make a good combination.

Why not divide your time into small sections.

It is best to end the day feeling positive about the work you have achieved.

This will provide encouragement to return to the garden next time the sun is out.

Art in many forms.

This week I have been to Sculpture in the Sanctuary in Southwell.

Once again there were many lovely exhibits.

It is just amazing what an artist can do from recycled bits of metal.

Renato is first class at this. The animals seem to have a character of their own.

Pete Roger’s bridge is beautiful.

Sue Dare’s Sitooterie  would look lovely in a garden.

Vermeer & Music was very different.

The Dutch Masters show us examples of dedication to precision, detail, colour and purity in art.

Designers can learn from them.


Vermeer’s The Guitar Player  contrasts strong colour with soft skin tones.

Here the space around the figure is an important as the image itself.

We would do well to remember that ” Less is more”.

Summer is a time to go out and explore art!


The world seed bank.

The Royal Botanic Garden at Kew is home to the Milennium Seed bank.

10% of the World Seeds are stored here.

It is hoped that by 2020 this will be increased to 25%.

Cereal crops are already stored.

now Aubergine, apple and potato will be added to the list.

This is important for the World Food Plants.

Seeds are dried, deep-frozen and stored at Kew’s Seed Bank.