My week: At last I have seen the Olympic Garden.


I have met the designers of the Olympic Gardens at Palmstead Workshops. 

It was therefore my aim to see their work.

This week I did just that.

Temperatures were high and it was hard to keep cool.

However ,the effort was worth it.

The borders along the river were a mixture of grasses and perennials.

They are still looking beautiful.

Elsewhere the designs were varied.

Rich colours are very much the idea.

Some borders are made of soft grasses and purple plants.

A good contrast.

Visitors told me they often bring their grandchildren to see the display.

A good sign for the future.

This is the biggest new park in the country.

Yes it is a shame there are no others in the north.

However, it is worth making the effort to see such a super

new park.

My week: A visit to Haddon Hall.


I have wanted to visit this historic house for some time.

It is the home of the Manners Family. 

Derbyshire is a beautiful County.

Hardwick and Chatsworth are also in this area.

The garden has been redesigned by Arne Maynard. 

Areas of long grass are mixed with flower borders.

The garden is made up of five levels.

The lower ones are just above a dramatic river valley.

Some areas are given over to Herbaceous borders, while others have features such as ponds or  formal planting.

Roses made  colourful focal points.

As I have often said, we all need to visit other great gardens to renew our interest in gardening.

A gift shop and plant stall enabled me to take home some pictures and plants as a “keepsake” of a super day out.


Chatting about Chatsworth: 2018.

Last year the first Chatsworth show had some problems.

This year things seem to have gone well.

The show gardens included one dedicated to an Oak tree.

Setts were made of oak.

There was an oak pergola with wooden seat and a wooden water feature.

The garden dedicated to Yorkshire was superb.

It is great to see a new interest in Wild Flower Meadows.

Plants that were popular included, Knautia Macedonia ,Grasses and Blue flowered plants.

Chatsworth provides a good setting for people who live in the area to get together.

The backdrop of the garden by Capability Brown is wonderful.

This area needed a good Flower Show.

Let us hope that it will become a welcome addition to the calendar.


My week: enjoying the sun.

I have sown some seeds and they are coming up. These includeNight scented stock, wildflowers, and Nasturtium. 

I spent one and a half hours pruning in  another garden.

Friends have given me plants from their gardens.

I will not get to Norfolk this week and will have to leave it until later.

My Iris plants are in flower.

The geraniums in various colours are super.

June is the month of the rose. are just coming out.

Yes everything is happening at once this year.

It is a delight!