It is not too late!

To get those last minute items for garden lovers.

Today I discovered my dream shop in Nottingham that sells everything  for the garden.

This is rare in the city.

Here are some gems that I found.

  1. For children:Flower mats with seeds in them. These seeds will grow into plants that bees like.
  2. For him: outdoor lights for the garden. This is a wonderful idea to lighten up a tree. I have done this to last year’s Christmas tree that is staying outside this year.
  3. For her: gardening gloves in nice colours.
  4. For any gardener: good tools.
  5. For your garden: Beautiful seats, wicker baskets and much more.

Enjoy Christmas.

I hope you get the garden gifts you wished for!


A winter walk.

I have been giving you ideas to take the stress out of the Christmas preparations.

Today I went to Chatsworth in Derbyshire. 

This is where “ Capability” Brown designed the Landscape Garden. 

Beautiful stretches of landscape are composed of larger areas of fields with well-placed trees.

A lake stretches from the house into the distance.

It is very relaxing on a mild day in December.

The Victorian greenhouses were used to produce exotic fruit for the dinning table.

There is a lot more to admire in the form of the water cascade and the various sculptures in and outside the house.

Of course we cannot garden on this scale.

Instead we can take a day off and visit houses such as these.

They are part of our heritage too.


Have you ever done this!?

I have just received  seed catalogues from :

The Hardy Plant Society, The Cottage Garden Society and Plant – world- seeds. 

The RHS does a similar scheme.

These provide people with seeds from their collection.

This is a great way to grow new plants.

At this time of year we all need inspiration for ideas for the new year.

This could be your next project.

Perhaps you could also think of joining a new club to further your interest.

Then there is the equipment to go with it.

This could include a potting table, propagator and cold frame.

Worth putting on the Christmas List.

I hope this helps you get through the next week of preparations for Christmas!