Christmas decorations from the garden.

Now is a good time  to take a walk in your garden and look for inspirations for decorations.

Seed heads, grasses, hydranger flowers can all be used.

They can be left as they are  or sprayed silver  or gold.

A mixture  makes a very food display.

Why not use a spare container. 

Oasis is good for anchoring the flowers.

I have a large box that can store displays from one year to the next.

Old branches can be used to replace Christmas trees.

Perhaps you will come up with your own ideas.

Doing something creative makes a welcome break from shopping.

Why not give it a try!



We need our botanic gardens.

The FT this week end reports  the University of Newcastle no longer needs   Moorbank Botanic


It goes on to say that Botanic Gardens are under  threat.

Apparently botanic science does not have the appeal it once did.

Nowadays micro boiolgy is the trend.

Students can easily learn about the genetic make up of a plant without knowing how to recognise it.

How sad!

Surely this is only part of the story.

There should be  call to get to know the bigger picture!



My week: Talking to people does you good!

Since I am not designing I have time to  chat to people, or listen to them.

I was therefore delighted to hear some people in my local cafe telling each other about their gardens.

They suggested that money used to employ somebody to keep their garden attractive was “money

well spent”!.

I agreed with them. You cannot put a price on enjoying such basic pleasures. Even when times are


Also, somebody else may benefit from your dedication.

Carry on the good work!

My week:Garden Designers do not sleep during the Winter.

I have spent a lot of time tidying up my study.

I do believe that this will help me next year!

I looked at a Winter Garden that my gardener works on.

They really do come into their own at this time of year.

On friday I am going to a talk by Bunny Guiness at the Nottingamshire Hardy Plant Society.

Then there is Southwell Garden Club later in the month for making decorative wreaths.

I haven given myself a treat and ordered a Callicarpa from my local nursery .

This will give some colour in the coming months.

 Yes it is great to have time off.

It gives me some time to replenish my own interest in gardening.

This, after all, is why I became a garden designer.