Christmas 2019

Happy Christmas and New Year
from Anne Smith Designs

This is what gardening can do for you.

These images were from the Isle of Wight.

I have chosen them to show how gardening can be used as therapy.

For too long we have forgotten the powers of gardening in helping people who have great problems.

These people often have wonderful creative skills.

Horticulture allows many to feel at one with nature.

There are no boundaries.

The use of colour and variety of plant forms is suburb.

The small space has been crammed to get maximum effect.

I will cherish this garden for years to come.

Let it be an inspiration to all who need space and time to relax and feel

they can achieve.

whatever they want despite difficult circumstance.


Just keep at it.

Recent loss has not deterred me from carrying on.

I recently went to a talk at Lincs Hardy Plant Society..

This week I visited the Anthony Gormley exhibition at the RA. It was super.

Yesterday I watched a film about Piet Oudolf.

For much of my design life I have used his work for planting designs.

The film showed how he developed this style.

What was interesting was how he based his designs on feeling and colour.

I will follow this.

Various locations were shown.

He is an unassuming man.

I met two people to talk to.

I am sure we will keep in contact.

This is what i meant when I suggest that we should never be satisfied to sit back and think we know it all.

We can, and should, go on learning.

I hope that you can do something like this in the dark days ahead.

A last venture .

We all need a last garden to remember this year by.

I needed a very special garden.

Auburn in leicestshire was the garden I chose.

It is the perfect small garden with a great house as well.

The perennial plants were very well chosen.

Perfect for this time of year.

Sweeping lawns with “borrowed landscapes” added peace and tranquility.

The ponds and their surrounding plants were good contrast.

Nearer to the house box hedges provided a more formal setting.

As I have often said , we all need inspiration.

We also need a variety of gardens to help us see what we could do.

I hope that in the next few weeks you are able to make a visit to a garden on your list.

How wonderful it was!

We should make the effort to take pictures as we discover what we enjoy in our gardens.
For me the three metal benches provide a focal point .
I use one to sit on in the evening.
One is rusty– but I am going to leave it this way.
Another memory could be the plants that have excelled during the flowering season.
They do not have to be expensive plants.
Plant combinations are worth noting.
These give ideas for colour in the garden.
We should think often how to change the garden.
This can be by putting in a bench or perhaps changing a run down area.

I have just got rid of the bog garden that was running low on inspiration.
I have covered three in pebbles instead.
Before thinking about tulips etc. take time to look and see what went well this year.
It has been super and you will want to remember it.

Seven years on:

Recently I was reminded by a client that it is seven years since I did her garden.

This is worth celebrating.

Not only has the garden developed into a super garden, but our friendship has grown likewise.

A rare thing indeed today.

This is a large garden .

It runs from the house and can be seen from the window.

Gardens as big as this are not common in our town.

The client has a great knowledge of plants and gardens for most of the year.

Every time I look at it I am amazed at the dedication it takes to produce this.

It serves many functions.

The first is a hobby.

The patio can be used for entertaining.

It provides visual stimulation and is very pleasing on the eye.

The division hides the lower garden that is used for fruit and vegetables.

Some of the lawn housed a play house. This has now become obsolete with growth of the grandchild.

The borders need special mention .

These are the main features that have grown so beautifully in the last seven years.

They now look well stocked in a great variety of colours.

I know that this client experiments with plants.

Do not be afraid to try new plant combinations.

So -why not follow suit.

Get out their in your garden.

Invite the designer back into your garden

You will both benefit from the contact.

Let your garden be an example to others!

My new gate has made me realise that we could all help others to engage in horticulture.

The idea of communial

gardens has been around for some time.

It would be a good idea if we tried to engage others in gardening.

Whole developments could be given over to this purpose.

It might set a feeling that our environment is the charge of all of us.

Summer is here — so why not try this.

My week: high summer.

This week I have started on my project of designing simple projects that can make a small garden more attractive.

The gate has arrived and will be installed next week.

We are concentrating on details.

So the fittings will be black to match the dark wood.

You can meet people in all walks of life.

I was at Patchings Art festival this week and met a person who was a designer with Wolverhampton City .

The plant growth has been immense . Most of my week has been spent cutting back flowers the t have”gone over”.

Shrubs need pruning .

The catalogues have arrived for Late Summer and Autumn.

Weeding is constant activity.

Do not forget the therapeutic power of gardening during times of extreme stress.

I hope this has given you ideas to keep you gardening.

Everyday things!

I am going to start a series about simple things to do with gardening.

These will include gates, plants and garden paths etc.

First is the joy of shopping at Morrisons plant department.

Christine is the person who runs this in Newark.

She loves her job.

She knows that ordinary people are able to enjoy good plants from her.

A few weeks ago they sold a Trellised Jasmine for £55.00 –that was originally £110.00

Often in the winter I cheer myself up by buying their special potted bulbs.

In summer Pinks are the best buy.

We need to “think out of the box” about where we purchase our plants.

Of course the special nurseries are there for the difficult plants.

But do take a look at what is available on your weekly shop.

Give yourself a little treat as you buy the weekly meat , fish and vegetables.