One industry, with different parts.

This week I attended a forum at Kew organised by BALI.

It involved garden designers, landscapers and plant suppliers.

The topic for discussion was “how can we work together“.

In recent years a difficult economic climate has hindered the relationship between the different partners.

It was therefore  a good idea to bring people together.

The areas of design , supply of materials  and production in garden design have become blurred.

Perhaps it is time to return to a new model in which the different functions become separate again.

We could then recognise the individual expertise of each person .

This could lead to the” Professional Model” becoming more apparent.

The garden designer, for example , would feel better placed to develop his or her own worth.

I have done exactly this during the last year.

As a result I feel more relaxed in doing design.

I feel that I am doing what I like best.

In summing up one speaker said that we could all work at bringing about a rise in standard of the industry as a whole.

This would be a very worthwhile aim for the years to come.



Getting rid of the Winter Blues.

New shoots area growing on shrubs reminding us that the garden is waking up.

In the next few weeks we can look forward to getting in the garden to do a tidy up.

Grasses can be cut back.

Seed heads can be removed.

Dead parts of perennials can also go.

Take time to notice the young growth of the tulips and other bulbs.

This will give you an uplifting feeling after all the bad weather.

Of course I am talking about the East Midlands.

I am aware that other parts of the country may not be ready for this yet.

Bad weather has been an awful feature in many parts of the country.

Let us hope that this will soon calm down.

New Year: New project!

Before my design work starts to take over I am going to try and start a new project.

This is growing seeds.

Yes, I will aim to scatter  Nigella seeds in my garden.

My new project is to get my propagator out again.

I have ordered some seeds for Sutton seeds.

I also have fee samples from the various from RHS Flower shows I have attended.

I know that it takes patience.

I hope that I have this in abundance in 2014!