One industry, with different parts.

This week I attended a forum at Kew organised by BALI.

It involved garden designers, landscapers and plant suppliers.

The topic for discussion was “how can we work together“.

In recent years a difficult economic climate has hindered the relationship between the different partners.

It was therefore  a good idea to bring people together.

The areas of design , supply of materials  and production in garden design have become blurred.

Perhaps it is time to return to a new model in which the different functions become separate again.

We could then recognise the individual expertise of each person .

This could lead to the” Professional Model” becoming more apparent.

The garden designer, for example , would feel better placed to develop his or her own worth.

I have done exactly this during the last year.

As a result I feel more relaxed in doing design.

I feel that I am doing what I like best.

In summing up one speaker said that we could all work at bringing about a rise in standard of the industry as a whole.

This would be a very worthwhile aim for the years to come.



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