A good clear ourt does you good!

My Courtyard Garden looks very tidy now that the compost bin  has gone.

Hopefully the insects/pests have gone too!

I have spent the weekend enjoying gardening.

This  can be done in between the showers.

I now have renewed energy with which to think about planting up the rest of the plants that I potted up

during the re-landscaping project.

While reading The Garden magazine I fell in love with Buddleja Bicolor and have  ordered one.

Also, now that the garden is tidy , I can admire the beauty of late flowering roses, morning

glory ,bistort and monarda.

Enjoy this time in your garden!

The compost bin will have to go!

After years of having a small compost bin near my kitchen I have decided it will have to go.

Year after year it has been invaded by wasps or bees.

I have tried to make a compromise and leave them to inhabit my compost bin.

However, this year has been too much.

I can no longer suffer the invasion of insects into my kitchen.

There is no place to relocate it in my small courtyard garden.

So this weekend I will dismantle it and offer it to a member of my family.

Organic gardening is not always that easy!


Enjoy late summer:

Next week end is the last bank Holiday this summer.

This has made me want to enjoy my New Courtyard Garden.

 I will be drinking in the beauty of the second growth of Iceburg.

I will plant red Monarda along with the  Bistort.

Each morning I marvel at the single red rose on the patio table.

I then  take delight in counting how many Morning Glory flowers are out.

The heather has grown so much is is tumbling everwhere.

I have had 7 Apricots on my tree for the first time.  Their orange colour is beautiful against the green foliage.

All this pleasure is provided by the New Courtyard Garden that I re-designed and built earlier this


Take time to enjoy the late summer in your garden.



Working with a garden designer;

Events this week have shown me that clients need guide lines as to how to work with a garden designer.

1)First get the information about the designer. What they are qualified in?What are their areas of interest?

2)Use the designer’s website for information.

3) Have   a basic idea what you want from your garden. (veg plot, flower beds ,lawn etc. )

4) Be honest with your designer. How much money do you want to spend?

5)Try to build up trust with the person you are working with.

6) Discuss things as you go along. What you see as problems should be discussed .

7) The designer can help you along the way.

8) Think of a plan of action. What will you do now? What will you leave until later?

9) Try not to let negative thoughts and constant worries take over the pleasure of transforming your garden.


Remember in this beautiful weather, that the great joy of gardening is experiencing  the fruits of you labour!



Small can be beautiful:

I am just about to plant up some small tubs for my son.

He has a flat in london.

We are working on the terrace at present.

Lavender will make a lovely smell as he sits out in the fresh air.

Two small containers are going to be planted up with a mixture of herbs and alpines.

This way he can have Thyme to add to  his cooking and a selection of intersting plants to enjoy all

year round.

You do not need a large space to get started with gardening.