Working with a garden designer;

Events this week have shown me that clients need guide lines as to how to work with a garden designer.

1)First get the information about the designer. What they are qualified in?What are their areas of interest?

2)Use the designer’s website for information.

3) Have   a basic idea what you want from your garden. (veg plot, flower beds ,lawn etc. )

4) Be honest with your designer. How much money do you want to spend?

5)Try to build up trust with the person you are working with.

6) Discuss things as you go along. What you see as problems should be discussed .

7) The designer can help you along the way.

8) Think of a plan of action. What will you do now? What will you leave until later?

9) Try not to let negative thoughts and constant worries take over the pleasure of transforming your garden.


Remember in this beautiful weather, that the great joy of gardening is experiencing  the fruits of you labour!



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