Nottingham:Business Summit.

What is the future of our cities?

How does  government policy affect our cities?

What support will there be for companies to grow?

These are issues that are relevant to people in business.

With this in mind I hope to attend the Nottingham Business Summit on February 3rd @ The Council, Nottingham.

The speakers come from a range of backgrounds.

It therefore looks as if it will be a worthwhile meeting.

Looking Ahead:

In March the newsletter will be devoted to Room4-you and Anne Smith Designs.

This is a new exciting joint venture.

An extra room in the garden could solve many problems of finding extra space.

Look out for this special feature.

In Memory:

Paul Elliot was my Business Link  Advisor until th end of 2010.

Always cheerful, he gave me sound advice in carrying on my business through an economic  “Downturn”.

Under these conditions it is difficult to choose the right course of action.

Getting a “web presence” was good advice. As was using the Business Link “Web Design” course

before contacting a web design company.

Again looking at the Public Sector as another string to my bow led me to make contact with Local


He was a postive mentor and calming influence.

I am grateful to have known him.



Play Areas: Pupils Have their say.

Southwell Town Council  has led the way in the provision of Play Areas for Children.

Gone is the old idea that adults know what is best!

Instead they asked children at two local schools to have thier say on how the money for new equipment should be spent.

The result is that the children use the equipment that they themselves chose.

Let us hope that other councils use this idea of letting children have some “input” into the play equipment that they themselves will use.



The Winter Garden.

My first visit to the Hardy Plant Society was all I hoped it would be.

A friendly welcome, interesting talk and a chance to meet like-minded people.

This affirmed my choice of “New Year’s Resolultion”.

John Stirland ,the broadcaster ,gave the talk.

He guided us through his personal choice of trees,shrubs and flowers to brighten up Winter Days.

The result was a renewed interest in plants for this time of year.

Clients will hopefully find some additions to my planting list from now on!