The Olympic Park:

Two well known names in garden and landscape design have played a part in making this garden.

Sarah Price and Nigel Dunnett .

The gardens follow a ribbon like course along the River .

The planting has been devided into continents.

The South Americas, Western Europe and the North Americas.

A feast of glorious colour provides a backdrop to the Olympic Stadium.

This is the first major park to be built in London for a long time.

Hopefully we will be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.


Get children into gardening:

Last week I went to a school where  I was a teacher.

What stuck me was the large space around the school that could be used to help children enjoy the

pleasures of gardening.

This has now become very popular with school children.

Some school even go in for Show Gardens!

Schools can partake in a School Project in which the children learn about plants and soils and then

plant a school garden.

This is a wonderful way to introduced children into an activity that could become a life- long hobby.

Teachers–think again about the space around your school and how it can be used to help the

children in your care.



Sustaintability in every garden design:

I have recently redesigned my garden.

What happens to  the the large amount of plants that I had no room for now?

Friends who have grown up with gardening know about  exchanging plants with others.

There is also the custom of giving a piece of a favourite flower  to your family as a momento. Long

may this continue. 

When it comes to a surfeit  of landscaping materials it is another matter.

However, I am looking into transporting these to a client and family member.

Why not extend this very good practice to hard landscaping materials.

Let us hope that reason prevails in this effort!

Pims, plants and pleasure:

This week I went to the Hampton Court Flower Show.

The weather was good and everybody was happy.

For a garden designer, it is a good opportunity to meet other designers.

There were imaginative gardens, great plant stores and a good selection of garden  buildings etc.

I have yet to manage to see everything.

Perhaps another year I will start at the other end.

This year I bought a large bunch of Alliums and strode through the crowd carrying my purchase.

The enjoyment will carry on as I look at my pictures and pamphlets.

Who knows, perhaps I  will use some of the information in my work in the months to come.