Bramley apple tree may be saved!

Last week I talked about the Bramley celebrations.

This week I can report on a £100,000 bid to save the  original tree.

Nottingham based BioActive Environmental Technologies Ltd. have developed a chemical that may cure the tree.

The honey fungus will be treated in the root and crown of the tree.

People can donate to the project by visiting

It is worth it!

Simple but stylish. My garden.

Simple but stylish

Over the past few weeks I have changed my side garden.

Gone is the massive planting.

Instead is a gravel garden.

You can see that the red brick wall is part of the design.

Texture has been achieved by pebbles.

A metal container with grasses gives colour and a focal point.

It does take a ” Leap of faith” to bring a bold change into the garden.

I think you will agree it is worth it.

Bring on the Bramley Apple:

This week end Southwell celebrates Bramley Apple Day. 

The First tree was raised here.

Today this tree is needing special care.

However saplings have been grown from it.

Before the event people are encouraged to paint a picture about it.

The library exhibits these.

Southwell Minster opens for bramley apple cooking events.

Local shop decorate their windows with an apple theme.

The town is alive with excitement.

What a great way to remember the part the town played in establishing The Bramley Apple as the most popular cooking apple in the country!


My week: Design needs protecting.

It is easy to control drawings through copyright.

What happens when a design installation risks being copied?

How near do you want a replication of your garden?

Probably not so that a direct comparison can be made.

Then all the originality is lost.

So is your Sense of Space.

The excitement of the installation is muddled .

Therefore, before you rush to have a replica of a nearby garden try to think how you can make your space peculiar to you.

What colours to you like?

What materials strike you as interesting.

What are the specific attributes of your garden?

What is the overall shape?

If you take time to reflect on these considerations you will build a garden that is unique to you.

Just like adapting a hair style to your hair.

Do not rush into a garden project.

Rather give it the time and consideration it deserves.

A new image:


Too many borders looking like this can be boring.

This is why I have spent the last week introducing a Gravel Garden to replace this.

It takes courage to sweep away plants and replace them with pebbles and boulders.

The result can be super because it gives a new medium with which to work.

I have planted two metal containers with grasses.

A green metal bench also acts as a focal point.

The neighbours think it is super.

So do I !



A new image:Making a gravel garden.

One section of my garden needs a new look .

I have chosen to make a gravel garden.

My present interest is in landscaping.

A mixture of pebbles, large stone and Victorian Edging  forms the basis of the design.

This should give different textures.

Atmosphere can be created by objects.

A vintage bench carries on the “Community Garden Theme” used elsewhere.

Metal containers will  be planted with Grasses to show movement.

Plants will include Aeonium”Schwarzkppff” and bulbs.

The landscaping features need careful design to be effective.

I am sure the final product will be good.

It will also give a a different idea to the public part of the garden.

Something that can be enjoyed by all.

Gardening should be for the young.

This week the FT has done feature article on Botanicum by Kathy Willis. 

It is a book for children.

We should try to introduce them to plants.

Plant science will come later.

Also, the RHS is running a scheme for adults and teachers to help bring gardening into schools.

We have amazing institutions ,such as the RHS and KEW.

An all round approach is needed if we are to ensure that horticulture stays in the limelight.

Gardening provides a great outdoor activity.

Children are never too young to start!