The RHS London Plant Show.

Despite no trians into Kings Cross on Wednesday I made it to the show.

In the Design section I talked to various people in the Industry.

This is always worthwhile.

The Plant Hall was a delight.

I have never seen so many  Varieties ofSnowdrops!

Small Irises formed another display.

Spring Plants formed the majority of the show.

The fact that there were some very good Nurseries with a wide variety of Spring Pants on sale

added to the excitement.

Horticulture  brings together a group of people who have a joy for Nature.

This can only be good at the end of  a hard Winter.


Get in the Garden!

The  weather has let me get back in my garden.

It is wonderful.

First  I cleared debris from a plant pot and found  a new spotted Hellebore.

Then I pruned shrubs and herbaceous plants.

I collected seed heads.

By doing this I was able to see where there are spaces to add new plants.

My husband says we have worked very hard!

Next week I am going to the RHS London Plant and Design show.

I have ,of course, made a list of suitable plants to bring home on the train to Nottingham!

The Hardy Plant Society: Nottingham

The weather was kind this week and I made it to the meeting.

They have a new website:

Activities include:

Talks, trips , plant stalls, a botanic garden and book stalls.

This month’s the talk was Peonies.

This was a very good evening. The speaker was from the Peony section of the HPS.

His slides were beautiful.

He gave a comprehensive account of the different groups.

This was followed by a look at the varoius forms of foliage.

Lastly,he covered the topic of how to include Peonies in a “Cottage Garden Style ” of planting.

What more could you want to brighten up a Winter’s evening!


My week. Starting to make plans!

I have written enough about how to get through the Winter.

Now it is time to tell you that I have started to think of gardening.

I have put my name on the list of the local garden club’s trip to The Cotswolds in May.

THe RHS Plant and Design show in London is later this month.

Perhaps the weather will be kind next week and I will get to The Hardy Plant Society/ Nottingham

meeting. There  is sometimes a plant stall.

If you look at my website I have made a list of Snowdrop Gardens in the East Midlands.

I am going to Doddington Hall for Pancake Day , so perhaps I will be able to see the snowdrops.

All this  shows that I am starting to feel that it is time to get outdoors!