The Association of Professional Landscapers.

Bridging the Gap:


The need for Landscapers and Garden Designers to have contact is  well known .

This was addressed at a meeting of the APL at Classiflora in Essex on Wednesday.  

 A informal setting provided a good opportunity for discussion between the two groups.

There was a well balanced agenda of Professional Development and Social Networking .

The day started with and Q& A session with Monty Don.

Tours of Classiflora were available.

The seminar on Ethical & Sustainable Landscaping had attracted me to the event.

It was well balanced and very well delivered from good speakers.

The evening ended with a super meal served by Classifora .

This event did a lot to help my understaning of the Landscape Industry.

Once again contact with a very professional Nursery at Classifora makes me realise that the

advantages of dealing with them.

Delegates had travelled from many regions to attend this event.

I am sure that,like me, they felt the day had been very worth while.





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